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Short Throw Brewing – London System collab with Marlowe Artisanal Ales

Summary of Beer

Brewery: Short Throw Brewing in collaboration with Marlowe Artisanal Ales

Style: American Pale Ale

Details: London System is based on a rock solid opening in chess for the white pieces. Zac Ross, owner and brewer of Marlowe Ales, loves to play chess as much as I do. It only made sense to collab on a beer that expresses the passion we have for both beer and chess. We thought we should do an APA, a solid style that is both delightfully refreshing and a bit underrated. We used English malts, concocted a pillowy, soft mash profile, and stocked it to the brim with 100% Galaxy hops. This one is a crusher under that hot summer sun.

Origin: North Haven, CT, USA

% ABV: 5.5%