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Ocelot - Talking Backwards


Summary of Beer

Brewery: Ocelot Brewing Company

Style: Dry-Hopped Triple IPA

Details: It comes but once a year. Our homage, in spirit, to the iconic California triple IPAs we fell in love with many moons ago. A formidable yet ever so beckoning brew to help us weather the calendar’s coldest stretch.

This is the seventh iteration of Talking Backwards, and while we’ve made some tweaks over time, the fundamentals of our annual triple IPA remain the same. It’s constructed almost entirely from premium British pale malt Maris Otter, with just a few bags of pilsen malt to lighten the mood. And it’s hopped with the holy trinity of Pacific Northwest varietals: Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe.

A notably juicy batch, 2022 Talking Backwards received its largest dry-hop to date — massive on Citra as always, plus plenty of Mosaic and a smidge more Simcoe than usual. We’ll never not be in awe of the magic conjured by this cultivar combo: tangerine, melon, passion fruit, and berry, balanced by a touch of pine and dank resin.

Origin: Sterling, Virginia, USA

% ABV: 10%