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Mason Ale Works – Brothers of the Freemason collab with Booze Brothers Brewing Co.


Summary of Beer

Brewery: Mason Ale Works collab with Booze Brothers Brewing Co

Style: Double New England IPA

Details: The only password you need to get into this masonic lodge is the word "Citra". Created in collaboration with our Bros (Pun definitely intended) at Booze Brother's Brewing out of Vista CA, this beer contains nothing but Citra. But don't take that as it being boring by any means. We tracked down every different variation of the Citra hop we could find to create this citrus bomb. Containing Cryo Citra, Incognito Citra, and regular T90 Citra hop pellets, this beer is much more complex than your standard single hop beer.

All you need to do is know the password and the handshake.

Origin: San Marcos, California, USA

% ABV: 9%