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Equilibrium - Hyla Versicolor collab with Horus Aged Ales

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Summary of Beer

Brewery: Equilibrium Brewery collab with Horus Aged Ales

Style: Double NEIPA

Details: Latin for "variable color", this North East treefrog and its versicolor abilities can hit all the colorful flavors found in this New England DIPA. To super saturate the spectrum on your palate, this beer is brewed entirely with Lupomax Citra, Lupomax Mosaic, Lupomax Idaho 7, and Lupomax Sabro. Pouring a deep hazy yellow with aromatic pops of pineapple, cannabis, citrus, and crushed berry you’ll notice intense flavors of juicy citrus, ripe rainbow melon, berry medley, and a touch of pine blend into an #EQjuice finish.

Origin: Middletown, New York, USA

% ABV: 8.5%