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Equilibrium Brewery - Restorative Balance collab with Deciduous Brewing

Summary of Beer

Brewery: Equilibrium Brewery collab with Deciduous Brewing

Style: Double IPA

Details: Restorative Balance is our new collaboration with Deciduous Brewing that ties in with the ethos of both breweries - Cycles of growth and renewal occur in order to restore balance. This beer uses a large dose of flaked wheat and white wheat, a large citra whirlpool, and a huge dry hop of Rakau and Galaxy. Restorative Balance pours a vibrant yellow with aromas and notes of starbursts, pina coladas tropical fruit, candied cantaloupe, mango, and tangerine. It continues to morph into a juicy buildup with our #?? #EQjuice profile and soft smooth finish that will bring your palate back into equilibrium.

Origin: Middletown, New York, USA

% ABV: 8.5%