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DSSOLVR – Visions and Prisons

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Summary of Beer

Brewery: DSSOLVR

Style: New England IPA

Details: We brought back yet another oldie, but goodie! “Visions and Prisons” is back, but this time we wanted to transition the brand into an IPA for a bit more drinkability. It used to be a DIPA, but now it’s an IPA. Yeah...cool?

Mashed with a grist of Riverbend 2-Row, a blend of Flaked, Malted, and Torrified Wheat, a touch of Dextrin malt, and a kiss of Brewers Crystals. We then hit it in the Whirlpool with Ella, fermented it with our House IPA yeast, spunded it for 100% natural carbonation, and then dry-hopped with more Ella. Of course, we double-dry-hopped this beast with MORE Ella, and a touch of Meridian and Idaho 7.

We experience bowls of breakfast cereal with Pineapple juice instead of milk, overripe Peaches in the Sun, a whisper of Orange Sorbet, the Lot party before a Phish show (according to @gbmcdermott).

Origin: Asheville, NC, USA

% ABV: 6.3%