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2021 Deep Water Wines 'Big Salt' White: Umpqua Valley, Oregon


Tasting Notes

2021 Big Salt erupts from the glass with a mélange of citrus; bergamot, flamed lemon, sweet grapefruit. Salty white tea aromas are interlaced with pithy lemon before a waft of alyssum hits your senses. Classic Big Salt on the palate, racy acidity combined with beeswax-y textures before finishing dry. Big Salt pairs well with fish tacos, pesto chicken pasta, pad thai…or just chilling.

Winery Details

Established in 2011 by Ksenija and John House, Ovum was founded in hopes of producing Oregon white wines that are honest reflections of time and place.  The producer uses low intervention production method is a commitment to letting the vintage and vineyard shine, not the vintner.  Fruit comes first - the top priority is finding farmers that share the same beliefs as Ovum so show case all the hard work of their farmers and show the terroir.

At Ovum, each wine is produced the same way - if the wine smells and tastes different, it has everything to do with terroir, and little to do with the winemaker.  At Ovum, their hope is that through their attention to detail and honest technique, they can produce old fashioned wines in the modern world. 

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: Ovum - Deep Water Wines

Grape(s): 50% Riesling, 30% Gewurztraminer, 14% Early Muscat, 3% Sauvignon Blanc, 3% Pinot Blanc.

Style: White, dry

Origin: Newberg, Umpqua Valley, Oregon, USA

Vinification: The grapes are harvested using traditional methods from certified organic vineyards. The grapes are co-fermented using native yeasts. The Early Muscat & Gewurztraminer stay in contact with the skins up to 24 hours, and then pressed into tanks. The Riesling is soaked with partial skin contact for 3 hours and then pressed into tank. As fermentation begins, the winemaker incorporates Early Muscat, followed by Riesling, then an additional pick of Gewurztraminer, followed by Pinot Blanc and more Riesling. All this is done at various stages throughout the harvest season. Unfined, funfiltered, vegan friendly.

Aging: Aged in stainless steel.

% ABV: 12.9%