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2020 Populis Pétillant Naturel: Sonoma County, California


Tasting Notes

Looking for that unique wine with that wow factor! This sparkling red wine is really something special. This wine can be enjoyed as an everyday drinker or with that special meal. This wine is highly versatile! Did we mention that it’s sparkling?

Winery Details

Populis was born from the desire to make lighthearted, naturally made, extremely drinkable wines from organically farmed, historic vineyard sites throughout Northern California. Two winemakers, Diego Roig and Shaunt Oungoulian have one goal in making their wines: Bring Real Wine to the People! They sought out to find amazing vineyards all over Northern California whose farming is top notch and don’t use herbicides and pesticides; strictly organic farming and old vines. After they hunted down those special vineyards, all they had to do was not screw up the wine, which meant no additives, no intervention, no manipulation, nor tomfoolery in the wine! Just straight up fermented juice. This is wine in the raw!

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: Populis Wine

Grape(s): 75% Zinfandel, 20% Pinot Noir, 5% French Colombard

Style: Red, sparkling

Origin: Sonoma County, California, USA; vinified in Orinda, CA, USA

Vinification: Grapes are dry-farmed and hand harvested. Whole clusters were pressed and allowed to ferment using only indigenous yeast, made in the method ancestral with one fermentation in bottle.

Aging: N/A

% ABV: 12.5%