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2020 Oynos ‘Terre Siciliane’ Pinot Grigio: Sicily, Italy


Tasting Notes

We're always on the hunt for our next favorite crushable white wine and this just might be one of them. And a Pinot Grigio at that! Fresh and luscious fruity aromas of apple and pear with a hint of citrus fruit and flowers. Ideal for quaffing on its own while gardening or enjoying with lighter fare.

Winery Details

Oynos organic wines are made from grapes cultivated without recourse to synthetic fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers. We believe that organically-grown grapes have a head start and are the best base for quality wines because they are not in a cycle of chemical dependency. In vineyards where the environment is respected and biodiversity encouraged, the vines grow in a living soil, full of worms and bacteria. This enables them to draw upon the optimum levels of minerals from the soil. In turn these healthy vines develop better resistance to disease and go on to produce fruit for years to come.

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: Oynos

Grape(s): 100% Pinot Grigio

Style: White, dry

Origin: Sicily, Italy

Vinification: Organic, biodynamic, and sustainable farming practices. The grapes are hand harvested from select vineyards. Fermented with native yeasts at cool temperatures for about 20 days in stainless steel. Stored in cool underground tanks before bottling.

Aging: Aged in stainless steel.

% ABV: 12%