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2019 Les Équilibristes Picpoul de Pinet: Languedoc-Roussillon, France


Tasting Notes

Vibrant fresh flowers and herbs greet you in the glass with subtle notes of salinity and green fruit. What we would normally call an excellent summer wine, this wine is easily enjoyed all year long with its oh so juicy, smooth mouthfeel. Bursting with notes of peaches, green apple, pear and floral characteristics,  this wine is begging to be poured! Who says white wine can only be enjoyed seasonally? Pair this wine with raw oysters, or if seafood isn’t your jam it also pairs well with feta based appetizers, grilled chicken, or Thai food.

Winery Details

Les Equilibristes” (the “Tightrope Walkers”) aim to shake up winemakers willing to craft different wines. By freeing them from their habits and practices, they intend to shape together a vibrant and unique wine. Their set of golden rules are the following: indigenous grape varieties, organic winemaking, tillage, indigenous yeasts, minimal sulphur rates. 10 vintages, 7 winemakers, 18 grape varieties, 5 regions (Anjou, Périgord, Languedoc, Corbières, Côtes du Forez).

The 2 Equilibristes: – François de Monval: “wine merchant”, cellar and restaurant owner in Paris (La Canonnière), wine enthusiast fed every day by its clients. – Florent Girou: “travelling oenologist”, winemaker in the Perigord Region, wine-maniac, torn between the preservation of the ancient know how and the constant calling into question of some practices.

Practice of biodynamic farming, without corrective products or added sulfites. Yeasts used in vinification are solely indigenous. Unfined and Unfiltered.

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: Les Equilibristes

Fruit: 100% Picpoul

Style: Dry White Wine

Origin: Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Vinification: Organic, biodynamic, and sustainable farming. The grapes are hand at night and cold settled to preserve the freshness of the fruit, fermented with indigenous yeasts, aged on lees for 3 months, and bottled early to help protect the wine's freshness and stability.  

Aging: Aged in Stainless Steel Vats

% ABV: %13.5