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Curator's Selection

The Hidden Bottle Shop is all about inclusivity. We believe that wine and craft beer should be explored and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of how much or how little you know!  That's why we offer our Curator's Selection.

Not sure what wines or craft beer to select? Need help picking out wine or craft beer for that special someone? Or maybe you're unsure about your palate/ tasting preferences and need a little guidance. We're here to help curate your perfect selection! 

Each wine and craft beer comes with an informational description so you can learn while you sip! The best way to explore your palate is by learning and tasting!

Have a budget? Don't stress! We offer a wide variety of wines and craft beer to fit everyone's price point! With a vast selection of wines and craft beer in the shop, all selectively hand picked by the owners to choose from, we're sure to curate exactly what works best for you! 

Ready to get started?  Send us an email or give us a call! Both Brian and Kristin can help you put together your perfect curated selection because when it comes to wine and craft beer, there's so much to be enjoyed and explored. Your palate is waiting! 

Contact us HERE!

(E-mail) thehiddenbottleshop@gmail.com 

(Phone) 757-745-7831 - Plase leave a voicemail if we miss your call! We may be out making deliveries!