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Owned and operated by husband-and-wife duo, Brian and Kristin Curry; The Hidden Bottle Shop is Hampton Roads first and only, exclusively online bottle shop delivering to all of Hampton Roads.  Tucked away in the depths of cyberspace, our shop is filled with eclectic, rare, esoteric, atypical and elusive style wines and craft beer just waiting to be discovered.

The wine and craft beer industry is very dynamic. Methods and concepts are always evolving and changing year after year. Having a combined 14+ years in the wine and craft beer industry, from working the winery life and winemaking to homebrewing and brewery hopping, we’ve witnessed and journeyed through the eb and flow of the industry. Along the way, we have gained a genuine love for good wine and craft beer in all of its glory because after all, wine making and beer brewing is truly an art! Learning and understanding the hard work that goes into perfecting the craft is only just the beginning. Outside of the industry, we are avid travelers, always chasing the next adventure and longing to find those “esoteric” style wines and “rare” or elusive style craft beers. Experiencing something new, and being able to share that with others has just always been a part of who we are, which is why we created The Hidden Bottle Shop.

“If you have to ask, you’ll never know. If you know, you need only ask.” – JK Rowling