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Frederiksdal Vin AF Kirsebær ‘Rancio’ Cherry Wine (NV): Lolland, Denmark


Tasting Notes

If you are looking for an aperitif or dessert wine to round out the night that has that unique wow factor, look no further! This wine is exceptional, full-bodied and complex. Perfect together with veal, tenderloin, lamb, cheeses, nuts and chocolate.

Winery Details

The essence of Frederiksdal is a great respect for history, nature and tradition combined with the courage to uncompromisingly explore new ways of doing things. Being rebels and yet valuing our heritage is our trademark.

Frederiksdal Estate in Southern Denmark is where all our wines are produced. A rare entrepreneurial spirit, courage and passion drive the innovation and development of the wide range of products emanating from this special corner of Denmark.

The history of Frederiksdal Estate dates back to 1756. The cherry adventure started in 2006 almost by accident. From here on, the story developed fast and so did an ambition to produce the best cherry wine in the world, never compromising on the quality of the raw materials.

The Stevns cherry has grown in Denmark for generations and it has become the focus of a wine-revolution in Lolland.

Cherries are considered some of the best in the world, grown in eastern Denmark where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea. The Frederiksdal Estate has stood since 1305 and their orchards of Danish Stevnsbær are famous for the quality of their cherries. The owners of the Frederiksdal Estate have created world famous cherry wine, which is nearly impossible to categorize, living somewhere between a Port, a red wine and a cherry wine. They say themselves: "You have to forget about both grape wine and cherry wine and let yourself be surprised".

It takes a minimum of nine years from the time a cherry tree has been planted until a bottle of Frederiksdal Cherry wine is on the table.

Frederiksdal is a slow farm with deep roots. The trees are six years old before any cherries are harvested. This is the natural development of the trees – it takes time to grow roots. Once the cherries are harvested, it takes another minimum of three years before the wine is ready to drink – but it is worth the wait. “On Frederiksdal we are the first and so far the only producer of wine made by cherries following the centuries old principles for making traditional wine from grapes.”


The Stevns cherry is the base of the wine and the berries are produced solely in the plantations of Frederiksdal. The wine will ferment freely and is kept both outside in glass vats/balloons in all kinds of weather and also inside in old, French oak vats.

The result is a highly acclaimed and prize-winning Danish world class quality wine.

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: Frederiksdal

Fruit: 100% Stevns Cherries

Style: Fruit, sweet (500ml)

Origin: Harpelunde, Lolland, Denmark

Vinification: Organic, biodynamic, and sustainable farming. The cherries are hand harvested late. The cherries are spontaneous fermented with native yeasts from the orchards and fermented on the skins and stones (cherry pits) in steel tanks. After fermenting in steel tanks the wine is poured into 25 liters glass balloons and are left outside for at least 12 months. This method has been used in Madeira, Porto, Banyuls, and in Maury for centuries. The sun, the rain, the cold and the heat adds a very special taste profile with notes of orange peel, figs, prunes, nuts and caramel. After standing outside, the wine is poured into Cognac barrels where the wine will mature for at least 2 years. Rancio matures in a small-scale Solera system, which contains some of the oldest Rancio. The youngest wine gets the taste from the older wine, which means that the Rancio develops into an even deeper and more complex wine.

Aging: Aged 12 months outside in 25 liters glass balloons and 24 Months in Cognac Barrels

% ABV: 15%