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2020 Terres Promises 'A Ma Guise' Vin de France Rouge: Provence, France


Tasting Notes

Looking for a crazy, field blend, and co-fermented red wine? You have hit the jackpot, and boy is it tasty. This wine has soul; bright, and fruit forward and describes the terroir with its garrigue. Definitely a hodgepodge of grapes, but this wine is truly something unique.

Winery Details

The Path of Hope leads to The Promised Lands. Though this sounds very much like a path to self-actualization, enlightenment, or salvation it really is just directions for Jean-Christophe Comor. His Domaine’s name (Les Terres Promises) translates to the Promised Lands and the name of the road that leads up the side of a mountain to his winery translates to The Path of Hope (Chemin de L’Esperance). This literal/figurative analogy captures more than just a small piece of the arc of the project – it captures a bit of Jean-Christophe’s biography as well. He had led a successful and lengthy career in political circles in France, often doing the hard work of a kind of political sinew, connecting those in public office with citizens, organizing advocacy groups and operating as a liaison for think tanks. The shift, then, to the south of France – just outside the charming old village of La Roquebrussanne – and to this new era of his life, where he wanted to plant (again figuratively and literally) roots somewhere, represents a bit of the Hope and Promise that went far beyond Parisian offices in his mind. Despite working in the Coteaux Varois of Provence, his wines are entirely unique for the region, containing the garrigue of the south though with such fleetness and purity of fruit you’d think you were drinking something crafted from the northerly slopes of Beaujolais.

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: Domaine les Terres Promises - Jean-Christophe Comor

Grape(s): 100% Field Blend; Clairette Blanc, Clairette Rose, Carignan Noir, Carignan Blanc, Mourvedre Noir, Mourvedre Blanc, Cinsault, Vermentino, Roussanne, Muscat a Petit Grain, Syrah, Ugni Blanc, Counoise, and Macabeu.

Style: Red, dry

Origin: La Roquebrussanne, Provence, France

Vinification: The grapes are hand-harvested as combined as a wild field blend. Grapes are co-fermented in stainless steel. The wine is bottled unfined, unfiltered and minimum sulfites.

Aging: Aged in stainless steel vats.

% ABV: 14.15%