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2020 Les Lunes Wine Cosmic Blend: Sonoma County, California


Tasting Notes

Cosmic is a Bordeaux-esque blend from one of the finest natural wine producers in California. Predominantly made with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, with a slight California twist, this wine is dark, deep, and layered yet light, juicy and quaffable. This wine is a wonderful addition to enjoy the seasonal transition.

Winery Details

Sam Baron and Shaunt Oungoulian are two young California wine makers dedicated to remaining California wine makers. Sam Grew up in a winemaking family working in vineyards from a young age. After his studies at UC Davis, Sam staged in Burgundy, spent some time in San Francisco retail, and assisted Chris Brockway. Shaunt trained in chemistry at UC Berkeley but then studied oenology at Davis where he developed a love for natural wine. This led him to stage with Philippe Valette, and in turn led us to Les Lunes with endorsement from Valette.

The two are now tending vines in Paso Robles of San Luis Obispo, and driving the grapes to their wine cellar in Orinda in the East Bay to make these juicy wines.

The same family has owned and farmed Barra Vineyard for generations. The Barra Family was farming their vineyards organically before the term even existed!

Sam and Shaunt are also part of the team of Populis Wines, along with Martha Stoumen and Diego Roig.

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: Les Lunes Wine

Grape(s): 74% Cabernet Sauvignon, 17% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc, 3% Zinfandel, 3% Chenin Blanc

Style: Red, Still

Origin: Sonoma County, California, USA; vinified in Orinda, CA, USA

Vinification: Grapes are hand harvested. Whole clusters were pressed and allowed to ferment using only indigenous yeast, and left to settle on the skins and sticks. No sulfur was added to the wine at any time during the fermentation, aging or bottling period. The wine was aged in neutral French oak barrels.

Aging: Aged in neutral French oak barrels.

% ABV: 12.8%