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2020 Fâmega Vinho Verde: Minho, Portugal


Tasting Notes

This wine is refreshing, crisp with a tingly sparkle taste of apple tartness from the cool and luscious Vinho Verde region in north eastern Portugal, this white wine has a delicious citrus flavor like the fragrance of a summer garden.

Winery Details

The Caves da Cerca were born in the early twentieth century from the personal project of Albano de Carvalho Sardoeira, owner of several vineyard plots in the municipality of Amarante. Graduated in physico-chemical sciences, he decides to produce the wine resulting from the production of his estates, building a small cellar on his property where he owns an 18th century house - Casa da Cerca. In 1946, he registered the brand with the same name, which he adopted for the designation of the winery and later would inspire the company's corporate name. Its “Casa da Cerca” wines and spirits quickly gain prestige and notoriety and even win prizes at local, national and even foreign country exhibitions and fairs. With the success of its products, it begins to increase production capacity through the expansion of the winery. Over the years, the structure of society has undergone some changes while maintaining the family nature that was present at its origin. Since its foundation, the winery has developed through the production of quality Vinhos Verdes and has also gained prestige for its Aguardente Velha brands.

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: Caves da Cerca - Fâmega

Grape(s): Arinto, Loureiro, and Trajadura

Style: White, dry

Origin: Minho, Portugal

Vinification: Hand-picked, temperature controlled fermented, and estate bottled.

Aging: Aged in stainless steel

% ABV: 10.5%