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2020 Domaine de la Combe ‘Vendange Nocturne’ Muscadet: Loire Valley, France


Tasting Notes

This is a fantastic Muscadet, and one that we are very excited to have in our shop! This wine is light-bodied and bone dry with a lovely saline-driven acidity, that is very pleasant and pleasing to the taste buds. Aromas and flavors of lemon zest, unripe green apple and citrus notes. Great pairing for seafood and poultry dinners.

Winery Details

At the mouth of the Loire river —the river so much appreciated by the kings of France— is nestled the vineyard of Muscadet. At the heart of the Nantes region, appears the only village embedded between the two Sevre and Maine rivers: Saint-Fiacre! Over time, the valleys of these rivers have shaped steep slopes and drawn an eroded soil. Nowadays, these slopes are rocky and make up a terroir which is conducive to the cultivation of the melon de Bourgogne grape variety.

A fourteen-hectare group of plots lying in the small village of la Pétière benefits from a variety of years of planting, and allows for the selection of plots for each cuvee. The oldest were planted in the 1950s and the most recent in 2016. For each new plantation, the planting density increases by 10%, reaching 7,700 vine plants / ha instead of 7,000.

This plant heritage is cultivated in the traditional manner, according to the Nantes method, and respects the local traditions. The particularly steep plots offer a favorable south or south-east exposure and are difficult to cultivate.

The location of the vineyard is singularas it lies next to the natural area of the Cantrie and along the bank of the Sèvre river. Therefore, it obliges me, with a concern for the respect of biodiversity, to convert my vineyard in organic agriculture (Agriculture Biologique).

Stopping herbicides and returning to the plow also allows the microbial life to grow in the soil and forces the roots to penetrate through the rock.

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: Domaine de la Combe

Grape(s): 100% Melon de Bourgogne

Style: White, dry

Origin: La Cantrie, Saint-Fiacre-sur-Maine, Vin de France, Loire Valley, France

Vinification: Organic and biodynamic farming. Harvested during the night, ensuring that they remained cool for 12hours maceration on the skins. Once pressed, fermentation was carried out using only the natural vineyard yeasts in stainless. Unfined, unfiltered, minimal SO2.

Aging: No aging, bottled early to preserve primary characteristics.

% ABV: 11%