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2020 Weingut Beurer 'In der Luft' White Blend: Württemberg, Germany

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Tasting Notes

This unfiltered white blend from Germany is a MUST try! The wine has lift and energy, as described by the label of the owner 'In der Luft', or in the air; light fresh and a complex with note tropical citrus fruit, ripe stone fruit, wet stone and fresh herbs. Just refreshing, plain and not so simple.

Winery Details

Jochen Beurer’s Hypothesis: he is considered to most important, or at least influential, winemakers in Germany. An ex-European BMX champion - his wines are pure energy; they have a universal vibration to them. They seemingly do not follow the laws of physics that govern the rest of the conventional wine world. They float. Among winemakers in Germany, Beurer is revered and his whites and reds are nearly always considered among the greats. Few winemakers are able to achieve such thrust and such purity, from the simpler Trollinger and Portugieser up to Grauburgunder, Sauvignon Blanc and, yes, Riesling. Yet Beurer’s influence flows not only through his wines, but through his actions. Jochen is one of the deepest thinkers about the environment beyond the vineyards. A tour with Beurer is as likely to include a discussion of his bees, the vegetation and animals surrounding the vineyards as it is to include a discussion of the soil and vines themselves. Remstal (where Beurer is located) is the only area in Germany with Zweigelt!

In 1997 Beurer started as an independent winery in Kernen-Stetten. His family has been farming in front of the gates of Stuttgart for generations, and his father, Siegfried, was the director of the local cooperative. Their decision to leave the cooperative was not an easy one, but they really wanted to increase the quality significantly while having fun with wine.

At the beginning Beurer grew wine conventionally. In 2003, the first experiments with methods based on ecological criteria followed: renouncing pure cultured yeast, instead relying on spontaneous fermentation in order to achieve a taste that is as characteristic as possible of the soil and the environment through the natural yeast flora of the site. Today, ecology is the top priority, and they work according to the guidelines of the Demeter Association.

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: Weingut Beurer - Jochen Beurer

Grape(s): Riesling, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), Sauvignon Blanc, and few other white varietals.

Style: White, dry, vegan

Origin: Kernen-Stetten, Württemberg, Germany

Vinification: Grapes are grown biodynamically, hand-harvested, fermented with natural yeast, unfiltered and unfined.

Aging: Aged in stainless steel tanks.

% ABV: 12.5%