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Domaine Des Galmoises 'Brut De Roche’ Crémant de Loire (NV): Loire Valley, France

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Tasting Notes

Another wonderful wine from our friends at Domaine Des Galmoises! This time it’s a Sparkling Chenin Blanc! In the glass it shows a beautiful pale-yellow, straw color, with fine bubbles to accent. A nose that is both complex and delicate with aromas of fresh apples, a vineyard harvest, and minerality. The palate confirms the nose and carries a thin creamy foam with fine, crisp bubbles. Light and fresh flavor on the palate with balanced acidity. Ideal as an accompaniment to appetizers and desserts. Super delish!!

Winery Details

Domaine Des Galmoises has a family history of wine producers that has passed on their knowledge of wine and vines for over 5 generations. The recent wine maker of the family, Julien Pasquier, is stepping up to the plate and is quickly being noticed to be one of the most passionate wine producers in the area. His passion added with his thoroughness and knowledge of the grapes and the terroir are highlighted in his highly rated wines! Story has it, he insisted to his wife that they move closer to the winery so he could watch over his wine every single day. Les Galmoises, his specific parcel of Domaine Des Galmoises, comes from the first parcel his father purchased, which he purchased from his uncle.

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: Domaine Des Galmoises – Julien Pasquier

Grape(s): 100% Chenin Blanc

Style: White, dry (Brut), sparkling

Origin: Chacé, Crémant de Loire, Loire Valley, France

Vinification: The grapes are grown organically at the highest level to maintain biodiversity in the vineyards. The grapes are hand harvested and fermented with native yeasts. Secondary fermentation was made with the Méthode Traditionnelle.

Aging: Aged in stainless steel and in bottle.

% ABV: 12%