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2019 Château Villefranche Sauternes: Bordeaux, France

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Tasting Notes

Sauternes tends to have very strict rules to produce these wines to ensure the highest of standards for these high-quality wines! Predominantly characterized by the classic Semillon grape this wine offers a clear, golden color and a bouquet with overtones of ripe yellow fruit, quince, and honey, and exceptional balance and body. It can be enjoyed with many dishes as an aperitif all the way to dessert.

Winery Details

Château Villefranche is one of the oldest properties in Sauternes. 7 generations have succeeded each other since the French Revolution.

The origins of the property's name go back to the founder who is Mr. Jean Grey, originally from Maleville in Aveyron, formerly Rouergue. Following his marriage in 1793 with a Barsacaise, he acquired land on the current site of the castle. He gave the name to his locality of "Villefranche".

“Jean Gray dit Villefranche,” in reference to the historic city of his country Aveyronnais, but also due to the nickname given by the inhabitants of Barsac. They are located on the Haut-Barsac plateau, near Ciron, the vineyard has a wide variety of soils with a predominance of clay and limestone.

The grape varieties of our white wines rely on the three great white grape varieties of the region. They give delicate (vanilla, nutmeg) and fine wines. They hold this characteristic which combines elegance and liveliness in a subtle balance. As for our red wines, they are often judged favorably during various tastings in which they participate (Hachette Guide for example). Their bouquet is delicate and nuanced: notes of toast and undergrowth. Round, supple, with a good structure, it offers a melted finish of aromas of beautiful red fruits.

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: Château Villefranche

Grape(s): 90% Semillon, 5% Sauvignon Blanc, 5% Muscadelle

Style: White, sweet (Dessert Wine)

Origin: Sauternes, Bordeaux, France

Vinification: Organic, biodynamic, and sustainable farming practices. The grapes are hand harvested late with botrytized, overripe grapes from specific vineyard of the highest quality. Fermented with native and noble yeasts and low-intervention techniques. Unfined, unfiltered, vegan friendly.

Aging: Aged in oak barrels.

% ABV: 13.5%