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2013 Domaine de Beudon Riesling x Sylvaner: Valais, Switzerland

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Tasting Notes

This wine surprised us for being a 2013! It is still shining, and holding stronger than ever. An awesome wine with vibrant characteristics, and a Swiss wine at that. We fell in love with Swiss wines during our time traveling in Switzerland and think you will too!

If you like dry German, Austrian, or Northern Italian white wines, then this wine is for you!

Winery Details

Situated on the right bank of the Rhône, between Martigny and Saillon, the town of Fully is known for its particularly hot climate, fertile plain, well-exposed vineyards and its many hamlets clinging to the slopes of granite and gneiss which form the base of the pyramid du Grand Chavalard in the Swiss Alps.

The plots that make up the estate are located a short distance as the crow flies from each other. They are however clearly separated by the vertiginous escarpments, to the south of the hamlet of Beudon. They are located at three different levels, with the main vineyard at the highest level.

The vineyards, reachable only by steep paths and a small private cable car, is represented by the Domaine de Beudon itself. Its south-facing vineyard, on a plateau which dominates the Rhône plain, stretches over approximately 6 hectares from 740 m (2559 ft) to 890 m (2920 ft) above sea level between downy oaks, pines, chestnuts and almond trees. Thus, the vines offer themselves to the most beautiful gaze of the sun; and thanks to these exceptional conditions, the wines stand out for their quality and personality.

Beudon, located in the east of Fully, is placed at the limit between the crystalline massif and the limestone. Thanks to the great pedological and microclimatic diversity, the domain is particularly rich in plant and animal species (there is, for example, the greatest diversity of butterflies in Switzerland).

The conservation of these extraordinary natural resources requires, in this privileged corner, a very gentle agriculture and in harmony with nature, for which the Domaine has chosen Biodynamics, which is a practice with enthusiasm. To the west of the estate, a torrent flows in a deep gorge which provides what for the vineyards.

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: Domaine de Beudon

Grape(s): 100% Riesling X Sylvaner (a.k.a. Müller-Thurgau, or Rivaner); Note: This is a varietal, not a blend.

Style: White, dry

Origin: Beudon, Fully, Valais, Switzerland

Vinification: The grapes are hand-harvested along the steep slopes of the vineyards. Indigenous yeasts for fermentation in large oak vats. The wines are bottle unfiltered.

Aging: Not available

% ABV: 13%