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2020 MaterVi Vini Underground 'Anonimo' Rosso Chiaro: Veneto, Italy

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Tasting Notes

Is this a rosé or is this a red? We can debate that later, but for now, the Anonimo is a light red that is best drank young while it is fresh and vibrant, and it even does well with a nice, fresh chill on it. Aromatics of raspberries and roses on the nose, leading into the palate exposing ripe red fruit and cloves.

Winery Details

The owner is Alberto Rigon, a quality artisan wine enthusiast who decided to believe in his own territory creating Matervi, a young reality situated in the hills of Fara Vicentino at the scope of the Altopiano of Asiago near Vicenza. Alberto runs three hectares of vineyards where he mainly cultivates grapes of Vespaiola and other vines without using pesticides, as it would inevitably cause the vines and the soil harm. In the winery, no stabilization or clarification is used and the fermentation happens spontaneously thanks to the yeasts naturally present in the grapes. With “underground wines“ we are referring to the production of wine with respect for the territory and the figure of the productor, defined a Saint Artisan in every sense of the word.

Wine Summary

Winery/Producer: MaterVi – Alberto Rigon

Grape(s): 60% Merlot, 30% Groppello, and 10% Pinot Vanderville

Style: Light Red, dry

Origin: Pavan, Fara Vincentino, Vicenza, Veneto, Italy

Vinification: Organic and Biodynamic farming. Grapes are hand-harvested in small boxes. Macerated for 5 days in cement, cold stabilized. Spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts in stainless steel vats. Minimum SO2.

Aging: Aged in stainless, and aged in bottle.

% ABV: 13.02%