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Wheatland Spring – Corn Crib


Summary of Beer

Brewery: Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery

Style: Farmhouse Lager

Details: 15% Estate Grown; 92% VA Grown; 100% Regional Malt

Tasting Notes: Stone-ground grits, lemon verbena, spring meadow, white grape

To celebrate the centennial of our Corn Crib Barn that now serves as the brewhouse, mill room, and open ferment loft for Wheatland Spring, we made a Farmhouse Lager. Inspired by Virginia and the region’s agricultural heritage, this is a beer we imagine could have been brewed here at the farm a hundred years ago. We draw from ingredients on our farm, surroundings, and agricultural region that were available to farmers back then. This includes a blend of Estate-grown Wheat, Landrace Tuxpeño Corn, Virginia 6-Row, and 2-Row Barley. Classic and contemporary German hops provide an aromatic profile that hints at wildflower and lemongrass.

Origin: Waterford, VA, USA

% ABV: 5.5%