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Barrier – Awaken the Soul collab with Aslin

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Summary of Beer

Brewery: Barrier Brewing collab with Aslin Beer Company

Style: Imperial Coffee Stout

Details: An Imperial stout with Coffee brewed in collaboration with our big time VA homies from Aslin and their new fresh roasting coffee company Aslin Coffee! We got together and selected a blend of Natural Ethiopian & Kenyan varietals specifically roasted to be paired with this viscous big body stout! The outcome.... AMAZING! This light medium roast truly allows the base stout to shine upfront and than the most delicious coffee notes follow on the back end with a roasty chocolate, blueberry and five spice finish. For maximum flavor we recommend allowing the beer to sit out to room/cellar temperature to really experience the delicious and delicate layers of flavor that resides within this beautiful beer.

Origin: Oceanside, New York, USA

% ABV: 11%