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Equilibrium – Super Fractal Mandelbrot Set


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Summary of Beer

Brewery: Equilibrium Brewery

Style: New England Triple IPA

Details: The Mandelbrot Set is named after Mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot. It’s a set of complex numbers for which the function does not diverge and are bounded in absolute value. Following the previous Fractal Sets and continuing the series framework, we scaled up from Fractal using a super simple grain bill of 2row and our specific fractal fermentation profile before intensely hoping it with a Citra whirlpool and a dryhop of Sabro, Strata Galaxy, and Amarillo. Super Fractal Mandelbrot Set pours a vivid hazy yellow with an aroma of tropical citrus and grapefruit. The flavor comes alive with decadent tangerine, stone fruit, and berry, with a touch of coconut and a zesty lime finish. Dramatic fruit notes take the lead as a crushable and #EQjuice profile builds up into a smooth and creamy finish that will leave you seeing the biggest fractal reflections yet

Origin: Middletown, New York, USA

% ABV: 10.5%